ART IN SALON Deals & Offers

Get GLOBAL HAIR COLOUR (MEDIUM LENGTH) + HAIR CUT + BLOW DRY + HAIR SPA (MATRIX) Rs.2099 only worth cost Rs.4000.please visit the following link

RICHAS SALON Deals & Offers

Get FACE BLEACH (D-TAN) + FACIAL/CLEAN UP (LOTUS/OXY)+ HEAD WASH+ HAIR CUT+ BLOW DRY+ HAIR SPA + WAXING Rs.1099 only worth cost Rs.3500.please visit the following link

ART IN SALON Deals & Offers

Get FACIAL/CLEAN UP (LOTUS/OXY) + BLEACH + HAIR SPA + HAIR CUT + HEAD WASH + BLOW DRY + WAXING Rs.799 only worth cost Rs.2000.please visit the following link


Get SMOOTHENING / REBOUNDING (SHOULDER LENGTH) + HAIR CUT + HAIR SPA (MATRIX) + HEAD WASH + BLOW DRY Rs.2949 only worth cost Rs.4500.please visit the following link